Twine progress:

"Final" version (12/10):

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"Final How To Read/Reflection:

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  • Reflection: Linked
  • draft version as of 11/29:

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    How to Read:

    This time we're getting straight to the point first.
    I've not arranged the paths on this one particularly well, so bear with my weird structuring for a moment:

    1. To play through what should be the story prologue: @ the first screen, click "journeyed".
    2. To learn about the world and the clock: @ first screen, click "Great Grandfather". @second, click "monument".
    3. To visit the past (the only available path at present): on the same page, click "the past" instead of monument.
    That's just where to find information and the most logical order to read it in, probably. I'm not going to tell you what choices to make; that's your call.

    On that note, some words about this piece:

    Project 2 (the old version of the above):

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    The Paper Boys

    Final version

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    First Draft

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    How to reads included with both of the above

    This place is a circus, but at least it's a cute one.

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    Carolyn Klein
    Professor Rigdon
    ENGH 377-001, Fall 2018 term

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