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Newest Twine, for HNRS 261=> Digital Literacy (uploaded 9/2/20):

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How to Read:

Clicking straight to "digital literacy" in the first file is a slightly less roundabout way to reach my definition. If you want a bit more musing on topics in the readings/around digital literacy and communicating with technology, then click to "apple" first.
As to make it easy to read my entire answer, I have attempted to connect passages in a way that relinks unchosen options from prior ones in addition to choices that skip to the next slide. If you want to go back a slide for whatever reason, click the grey forward or backward arrows on the left margin of the passage.
(If I were thinking this prompt through more thoroughly, I would have actually made it so that you might arrive at different definitions of digital literacy depending what options you clicked and taken full advantage of the nonlinear formatting and branching storyline potential of Twine. My thesis for creating this was more about how technology often makes it difficult to get straightforward answers through a straightforward process if you're not used to thinking as computers- or "digital natives," perhaps- might. But I find certain Google searches send me in a circle trying to reach the single answer.)

Digital Creative Writing projects:

"Final" version of "Journey Up and Down the Timeline" (12/10/18... edited 2/8/2021):

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"Final" (2018) How To Read/Reflection:

  • How to Read: Linked
  • Reflection (edited 2/8/2021): Linked
  • How to Read:

    This time we're getting straight to the point first.
    I've not arranged the paths on this one particularly well, so bear with my weird structuring for a moment:

    1. To play through what should be the story prologue: @ the first screen, click "journeyed".
    2. To learn about the world and the clock: @ first screen, click "Great Grandfather". @second, click "monument".
    3. On that note, some words about this piece:

      The Paper Boys

      Final version

      Linked here!

      First Draft

      Linked here!

      How to reads included with both of the above

      This place is a circus, but at least it's a cute one.

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      Carolyn Klein
      Professor Rigdon
      ENGH 377-001, Fall 2018 term

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